User Experience Research

Lessons I’ve learned developing, integrating & managing a user experience research program in a B2B digital technology company

Advice to up & coming UX researchers

“Good timber does not grow with ease” — Malloch

1. Expect to bring about disruption.

Yes, you might enter an existing work process not quite ready for a user experience researcher.

Personal note. I drew upon my research experience to help time integration steps. At times, I explicitly requested and implemented change (e.g., the necessary development of a participant pool). At other times, I proposed research-forward ideas and deliberately stepped back from further action, in order to allow ideas to percolate gradually among my team.

2. Expect a bit of resistance.

Yes, you might experience initial resistance.

Personal note. I drew upon my teaching experiences to ease the integration process by teaching in bite-size amounts whenever necessary.

3. Expect to be resourceful.

Yes, you should not expect that all research-related resources are ready for you upon your arrival.

A note to you. I hope you might transform my insights to increase your pool of knowledge. In turn, perhaps, you might better self-forecast challenges and navigate with greater ease in the ever-changing field of research.Tomorrow, when I learn something new, my take on a particular topic might change. You might have a different outlook on one or numerous points I’ve described here. I welcome diversity of thought and would love to learn your perspective (feel free to say hello:

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